wine knowledge

logo_detailsIn 1998, I completed over 3 years of in-depth wine education through the prestigious Wine and Spirits Education Trust.  What started out as a quest to learn some very basic information to be able to drink past a merlot turned into a Diploma in wine education, and on my final exam the ability (with some luck) of guessing 3 of 8 EXACT wines (to the producer, grape, year, and place).

Throughout the past 12 years I have tasted over 3,000 different wines, and today enjoy seeking out wines of very high quality at prices below $40.  Of course I love big, rich collectibles such as super-tuscans, bordeaux, burgundy and california cabernet stars.  However, in many ways it is a more rewarding experience to find wines of similar quality for less.  This also allows me to share these wines with a broader swath of friends who typically won’t spend $100 on a bottle of wine.

Along the way, I’ve had the chance to visit many wine regions, wine producers and share some of the best wines ever produced with friends.  Every couple of months, I get together with a group of friends for Fight Night – a tournament-style tasting of wines hosted by one of the 8 members of the group.  The host cooks, and the tasting is done blind, in a very informal setting often accompanied by video games and much brouhaha over wine, the economy, and other topics.


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