intent-driven cultureTM

What does it mean for a business to have an intent-driven cultureTM ?

Traditionally when a business or company is started, there is a clear sense of purpose, characterized by the mission, goals and objectives of the founders.  When companies are small they tend to be relatively focused due to capital and human resource constraints, and often gain a personality from those that are in the company early.  For example when a microprocessor company like Intel was started, it was pretty obvious what its business was – it made computer microprocessors.

However, over time the strategic intent of an organization gets watered down, changed and in many cases becomes unfocused, causing poor product and business decisions – in essence it falls ill.  The culture of the company changes or is dulled by the multitude of people and people’s personalities bearing down on it.  Not unlike a meal cooked by 5 different chefs, the organization loses synergy and the flavor and direction is unclear.

To have an intent-driven culture, is to go back to basics – asking some very tough questions about the strategic intentions the company has with its customers.  In going back to basics, a company has to examine the plethora of bad habits, negative patterns, poor systems and mismanagement that are getting in the way of it acting according to that intent.

Intent-driven cultureTM services

incite ventures works to assist companies to assess their organization’s health relative to it’s strategic intent. The intent of the business is restated, and compared against that health.  Recommendations are made regarding how to improve that health, get back to basics and execute with improved management practices.

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